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We grew up together with the people you want to invest in. We researched the markets you are interested in and investigated the deepest parts of its technologies surfacing key points and market trends to provide you with better understanding of the synergies



We will collaborate with you to evolve your idea into a detailed and strategically scoped product specification. Through our research and due diligence experience, we will help you develop your product and make it stand out in its competitive landscape.



Whether you want to better understand the financial markets, blockchain, privacy or custody we are ready to provide you with our experience. We bring years of research from the top universities around the world where we specialized in the technologies that will shape the future of the economy.

About Us

Aykesubir is a boutique research firm founded by mathematicians and game theorists with the mission of helping businesses make better strategic decisions. In this collaborative intersection, experienced software developers with extensive academic knowledge pair with accomplished business professionals to drive forward state-of-the-art research papers and technical solutions.

We work with our clients to dive deeper into the technical and strategic aspects of their business. Our work with our clients ranges from technical due diligence and the composition of investment theses to quantifying the strategic impact of technology on their business. Teaming up with the organizations and their C-Suite, we produce analysis, strategic guidance, product requirements, white papers and press releases aimed at surfacing data driven decisions that can move their business forward.

Leveraging our passion for Blockchain Technology, we help teams design the architecture of trust distributing systems, integrate off-chain, ZKP and MPC solutions, and consult all projects from start to finish through the lens of our experience.

How Do We Help Government Agencies

Let’s have a quick overview at five pivotal areas in which we have teamed up with government officials to conduct deep analysis and research in order to turn data into actions and provide strategic guidance.


Develop Digital Currency Solutions

The digitization of cash will enable a seamless and safer user experience for all citizens and has the potential to boost the economy. The world’s largest countries have already announced their plans to launch government backed crypto currencies. The digitization of cash will not just eliminate the cumbersome process of minting and managing paper bills and coins, but will also enable many use cases which today are not possible.

Protecting Sensitive Data

The recent streak of data breaches shows the importance of stepping up the security of sensitive and private data custody. Thanks to the latest protocol and cryptography advancements in the field of MPC coupled with air-gapped devices, any organization can have top notch security at hands.

Develop Trust Distributing Solutions

Modern consensus protocols enables us today to cut bureaucracy and save costs by eliminating the need of developing central authorities. Instead, a consolidated platform cane be released to the public and foster creativity and participation amongst the citizens.

Blockchain Privacy and Traceability

Future economy systems will have a stronger notion of user privacy, just like today’s cash. it is crucial for intelligence institutions and governments to own the knowledge and develop the ability to conduct tracing operations independently. So they will not be the last to know in case there is a major event keeping the companies busy or simply if they are banned in the future to work with foreign countries.

Working with Regulators

Regulation has to keep up with new technologies,  global trends and adapt to the modern needs of the crowds. We work closely with regulators to help them set the standards for those upcoming changes. Our experience shows that in many cases, emerging technology can help in finding a better balance between the government’s obligation to protect the citizens and the need to keep the markets competitive, a must for a healthy social-economic state.

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